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Vision Board Set: ALL IN ONE Box

With this vision board set you get everything you need to visualize and achieve your goals! This inspiring set consists of a beautiful box, an interactive workbook, a large A2 poster and a sticker book with over 1200+ self-adhesive images and quotes.

  • Over 1200 self-adhesive pictures & quotes (stickers)
  • Large DIN A2 poster (42 x 59 cm)
  • Workbook with exercises
  • Gift box

Create. Visualize. Achieve. Your all-in-one set for limitless visions! Immerse yourself in a world full of inspiration! This complete set is your tool on the way to your dreams, goals and desires. It is an experience that invites you to explore, shape and transform your visions into reality.


High quality and elegant design: Each component is manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail to delight and inspire you every day.

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This is what awaits you in the ALL IN ONE box:

1200+ stickers in the picture book:
With self-adhesive pictures and sayings you can design your individual vision board and make it your personal source of inspiration.

Large DIN A2 poster:
The generous poster (42 x 59 cm) is the canvas of your future. It serves as a daily reminder and source of motivation so you don't lose sight of your goals and maintain focus.

Interactive workbook:
The workbook is your navigator. It guides you through the process of goal setting and supports you in exploring, shaping and turning your vision into reality.

High quality box:
This beautiful box contains all the tools you need to create your vision board.



...what it feels like to be reminded every day by your vision board that anything is possible.

...what it feels like to feel inspired and motivated every day to achieve your dreams.

Order a vision board set

Workbook: Instructions for the vision board

Interactive, fill-in-the-blank workbook to guide you through the process of creating your vision board.

Contents of the workbook:

  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your vision board
  • Exercises for reflection, planning and goal setting
  • Tips and tricks for your vision board

The workbook covers all aspects of vision board creation and supports you at every step.

vision board poster

Includes A2 poster

Generous DIN A2 format offers enough space for pictures, stickers, photos, quotes and affirmations.

Product features:

  • Dimensions: A2 format (42 x 59 cm)
  • Material: High quality, robust paper
  • Design: Modern, clear design
  • Quality: Durable and resistant, ideal for everyday use

All areas of life

Diversity & areas of life: health, body, love, family, home, friendship, travel, money, career and success and much more!

A vision board is a collage of images, quotes, and other visual elements that represent your goals, dreams, and desires. With the vision board you send positive signals to your subconscious and strengthen your motivation towards your goals.

I want the complete set

Get inspired

Imagine having your dreams, goals and desires in front of you every day. You feel motivated and ready to put them into action. With this vision board SET you can achieve exactly that.

Vision Board Set

Infinite power of visualization

Vision Board is a vivid representation of your dreams and goals, a daily reminder of what is truly important to you. It is a place of power where you can surround yourself with your unlimited potential and possibilities.




The clearer your picture of your future, the better you can see your path.

Design your vision board the way that works best for you. Add images, text, colors and anything that inspires you. Unleash your creativity and create a world where anything is possible.

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