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Freeing your inner child including workbook

Freeing your inner child including workbook

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Pre-order: Book publication in October 2023.

This is much more than just a book - it is a journey to yourself.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve everything while others face the same challenges over and over again? The key may lie deep within us, in a place many of us haven't visited in years or even decades: our inner child.

The Inner Child: The Root of All Feelings

This deeply anchored part of us holds on to the emotions and experiences of our childhood. Yes, it preserves the joy and the curiosity, but also the insecurities, the fears and the pain. These unconscious feelings can greatly influence our decisions, our relationships, and yes, even our ability to live the life we ​​really want.

Imagine you are walking down a familiar path when you suddenly find yourself in front of an old, locked door. You sense that there is something essential behind this door - a hidden chamber where memories, emotions and connections from your childhood await. This book is the key that allows you to open that door and embark on a transformative journey.

From the first page you will experience a wave of insights and aha moments. The sensitive writing style creates an atmosphere of safety and security as you embark on a journey into the deepest corners of your inner world.

A journey into the past to shape the future

It may sound paradoxical, but changing your future often begins with a journey into your past. Deeply anchored within you, your inner child holds keys to the emotional patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that shape your current reality. In critical moments, that injured or possibly forgotten inner child takes over and makes your life difficult. The fears, blockages and insecurities that you may experience often have their origins in the experiences that this inner child has lived through.

This journey is brave but essential for lasting changes in your life. By freeing your inner child, you discover new possibilities and paths in life that were previously closed to you.

This inner journey could be the most important of your life. It is the key to a future in which you not only exist, but truly, fully live and realize your visions.

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Eine Reise in die Vergangenheit, um die Zukunft neu zu gestalten

Die Veränderung deiner Zukunft beginnt mit einer Reise in deine Vergangenheit.

Tief in dir verankert, hält dein inneres Kind Schlüssel zu emotionalen Mustern, Überzeugungen und Verhaltensweisen, die deine gegenwärtige Realität formen. Die Ängste, Blockaden und Unsicherheiten, die du heute erlebst, haben ihren Ursprung in der Vergangenheit.

Diese Reise ist mutig, aber unverzichtbar für nachhaltige Veränderungen in deinem Leben. Dadurch entdeckst du neue Möglichkeiten und Lebenswege, die dir vorher verschlossen waren.

Diese innere Reise könnte die wichtigste deines Lebens sein. Sie ist der Schlüssel zu einer Zukunft, in der du nicht nur existierst, sondern wirklich, voll und ganz lebst und deine Visionen verwirklichst. 


  • You will experience how the exercises encourage you to face your deepest emotions and transform them.
  • You will learn how to build a loving relationship with your inner child to accept and love yourself unconditionally, exactly as you are.
  • You will learn how to use the power of transformation to let go of old behavior patterns and make room for growth and your true self.

Through simple but profound exercises, case studies and reflection questions, you will be encouraged to get closer to your inner child.

The missing puzzle piece you were looking for.

It's not just a book, but a portal to your own inner world. With every chapter, every exercise and every insight you open yourself to profound changes.

It is an experience and, above all, the key to a deeper understanding of yourself. Prepare to see your inner world with new eyes and move in a direction that brings you fulfillment, happiness and contentment.

This could be the missing puzzle piece you've been looking for.

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A journey back to yourself

This book will be your transformative companion on the path to your emotional healing and personal growth. Discover how to understand, heal and free your inner child to live a fulfilling life and live your true self.

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Your inner child: the true compass of your life

A gentle wind carries memories to you as you open the first chapter. Alina Pom takes you to a time of vulnerability and innocence when your inner child was formed. You understand that the origins of your current emotions and behavior lie in these memories.

Imagine being able to delve deep into your own soul and discover and heal the roots of your fears, worries and insecurities. What if the tools for a fuller, happier life were right in your hands? Healing the Inner Child is not just a book; it is your personal map to the hidden treasures of your soul and your guide to a better version of yourself.


Alina is known from the press, radio and TV.

  • Forbes

  • Success Magazine