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Vision Board: Create your personal goal collage and manifest your dreams

"The clearer your picture of your future, the better you can see your path."

Did you know that it is much easier for us to achieve dreams and projects if we visualize them, i.e. represent them visually? And what could be better suited for this than a vision board ! I'll tell you how to create your personal vision board, how it helps you manifest your goals and which mistakes you should avoid.

What is a Vision Board?

No matter whether you call it a vision board, goal collage or dream board - it always has the same effect. It is a wonderful tool for manifesting your desires, dreams, visions and goals . It helps you to create a clear picture of your future - whether private or professional.

Creating your vision board is very easy. Your personal vision board is created when you put together pictures, quotes, illustrations, photos and texts of your wishes and goals into a collage .

You can either create one large board or a separate one for each area of ​​life. That's entirely up to you.

Why should you create a vision board?

Creating a vision board has several advantages :

  • Focus : Do you constantly set goals for yourself but then fail to achieve them? So year after year goes by and nothing changes? With a vision board that will change! If you have your goals and desires presented visually and always in front of you, you will live a much more focused life. Subconsciously you already know your next steps and act in accordance with your visions.

  • Motivation : When you look at your board and see goals or desires that you have already accomplished, it will fill you with gratitude . You will see that you can do anything if you are willing to work for it. The board will motivate you to realize your dreams and desires.

  • Decision support : The board can help you make decisions faster and more clearly. If you can see at a glance what you want to have and achieve in life, you can quickly sort out what you DON'T want to have. This will make some decisions easier for you.

  • Energy : When you see your goals as pictures in front of you every day, you become more active in life. Because you have a clear goal in mind and you really want to achieve it. This means you will have more energy.

Step-by-step instructions for your personal vision board

1. Preparation: Define goals and visions

Before you start cutting and sticking, you should first define your goals and visions . Simply take a piece of paper and write everything down. It's important that you don't set any limits for yourself. Be brave and allow yourself to dream big! Write down everything that makes your heart beat faster. Give yourself enough time for this task. The board can of course be expanded at any time if you come up with something new.

By dividing your wishes into areas of your life , it becomes easier for you to structure and prioritize them. I recommend that you divide your goals into the following 10 areas of life:

  1. Career, money & finances
  2. Creativity & Leisure
  3. Vacation
  4. Family
  5. Friendship
  6. Love & partnership
  7. Social Commitment
  8. Meaning & Spirituality
  9. Fitness and health
  10. Spatial environment

It is also advisable to assign your wishes to a time period , so that the implementation becomes even more realistic . This way you can see at a glance what your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals are. My tip for the time periods:

  • 1-3 years
  • 4-10 years
  • 11-20 years

If you don't spontaneously think of any wishes or dreams, don't put yourself under pressure ! The board doesn't have to be created within a day. Maybe some of the following thoughts will help you get a clear picture of your goals:

  • What do I want to achieve in my life?
  • Which skills do I want to deepen?
  • Have I always wanted to travel to a certain place?
  • What is important to me in life?
  • How important is money to me?
  • Do I want to get involved socially? And if so, where?
  • What do I enjoy?
  • Is the time I spend with family and friends enough?

2. Find images that match your desires and dreams

Did you know that visual representations help your dreams manifest in your subconscious ? Scientists have discovered that our brains are better at processing images than text . According to Prof. Dr. Adlmaier-Herbst we perceive images 60,000 times faster than texts. We remember images particularly well because the stronger activation stimulates our long-term remembering . Exciting, right?

Now it's finally time for the creative part! Grab various magazines or magazines and find all the images, quotes, texts, photos and illustrations that represent your wishes and goals well. You can also find thousands of great ideas on Pinterest. Simply print out the appropriate images. If you are artistically talented, you can of course get creative yourself and write down quotes or sayings by hand.

In order to keep an overview, it is best to organize the pictures etc. directly according to the individual areas of life. This way you can proceed in a structured manner in the next step.


3. Design the vision board

You can create your vision board either digitally or analogue - it's entirely up to you which you prefer. I recommend an analog vision board because in my experience it has a greater impact when you have something physically in front of you.

For your analog vision board, you now stick all the printed pictures, sayings,... in an orderly manner onto a suitable surface . For this you can use, for example, a poster, wooden board or a pin board.

If you want to create a digital vision board, simply create a collage with your collected images on your laptop or phone. You can do this in Word or Canva, for example.

No matter which option you choose, the important thing is that you like it and that it correctly represents your wishes and goals .

4. Place the vision board in a suitable location

Now it’s time to find the perfect place for your personal vision board. This should be a place where you see it every day so that you always have your goals in mind. This way they become more and more anchored in your subconscious . A suitable place can be, for example, next to the bathroom mirror, on the desk or on the bedside table. Which location is best depends entirely on your preference!

Every time you see your vision board, get into the habit of being grateful that your wishes and goals will soon come true.

Mistakes you should avoid

Creating a vision board doesn't happen in an hour. It takes time and work , but it will be worth it and you will benefit from it soon! However, mistakes can creep in that you should avoid.

  • Unrealistic time span: not every wish can be realized immediately. Be motivated, but also realistic when planning the time period.

  • Hope that everything will come true on its own : defining goals alone is not enough! You have to do something about it too.

  • Uncertain wishes : on your vision board you should only define wishes that you really want. Otherwise you won't have any motivation to work on them.

  • Non-specific wishes: Only if you clearly define your wishes and goals can you measure and evaluate their achievement. So set precise goals whose success you can also measure.

And now I wish you a lot of fun creating your personal vision board! Be creative and dream big!

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